Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Bas Geerdink (ING)

Bas GeerdinkBas is a programmer, scientist, and IT manager. At ING, he is responsible for setting up a data lake where data from all core systems of the bank is gathered and distributed. His academic background is in Artificial Intelligence and Informatics. Bas has a background in software development, design and architecture with a broad technical view from C++ to Prolog to Scala. He occasionally teaches programming courses and is a regular speaker on conferences and informal meetings.

Session: The Fortune Teller API

Bas about his session: “Horoscopes are nonsense… right?
Let’s have a closer look at that statement from a data-driven perspective! In this session, we’ll create an API for predicting your happiness and well-being based on your horoscope, with machine learning technology. The end-goal is to predict the future based on the alignment of the stars!”

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