Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Clemens Schotte & Valery Jacobs (Microsoft)

ClemensSchotteClemens Schotte is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Netherlands. He is specialized and has experience in Apps for Windows, Devices, Azure and the Web. He regularly gives presentations to developer audiences, preferably with fun demos.
In addition to his work, Clemens has also developed some Apps and games. Before Microsoft, he had his own company and developed software solutions for other businesses.
When he isn’t working, he likes to watch movies and loves chocolates. He describes himself as an ‘chocoholic’. If you are interested to know more about Clemens, you can follow him on Twitter!

ValeryJacobsAs a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Valery works with partners to get the most out of new technology and to leverage the potential of the cloud. With a focus on Internet of Things Valery gets his energy and inspiration also from the maker community and it’s potential to shape the future of both hardware and software development. With more than 15 years working in the field of software development, Valery brings with him the experience of national and international projects. He is a regular speaker and is involved actively in the Dutch Azure community. When his laptop is installing updates Valery likes to spent time with his family, creating music and sports.

Session: The turbulent life of an API and how you can help it survive

About this session: API’s are born differently. Some are designed to be big, some are meant to stay small. What happens when your API might get unanticipated success? What do you do when people expect you to make an API successful? This session shows Microsoft’s approach in helping us create and manage API’s that matter to you, your business and it’s consumers, regardless of the development platform you choose.

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