Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

David Simons (Softwire)

David SimonsDavid is a technical lead for Softwire, working with teams to deliver the needs of a range of clients (including the BBC and Microsoft) by choosing and developing with the right tools for the job. Since he started coding professionally, he has worked extensively on full-stack systems, thinking deeply about everything from how to store data, to robust APIs, to the pixel-perfect placement of images.

When not writing code, David has experience in statistics and simulation; training the software devs of tomorrow; and finding good pubs.

Session: Choosing the Right Database

David about his session: “Because of the NoSQL movement, there is a large number of new databases, and it is no longer taken as a given that a traditional RDBMS will back your API.

This talk looks at reasons why you may or may not use certain databases to fulfil the functional and non-functional requirements of your APIs. It hopes to examine the thought-provoking questions you should ask about your database (e.g. around scalability, data models and consistency) and examine how, by answering these questions, companies ended up – for better or worse – using traditional SQL solutions as well as more modern technologies such as MongoDB, Neo4j and Hadoop.”

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