Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Dimitri van Hees (Apiwise)

Dimitri van HeesData Specialist and Co-Founder of Apiwise. Used crawlers to fetch data from social networks in 2005. Evangelizing APIs since then, got triggered by the Open Data movement and led the case “Linked Data for developers” for the Dutch Linked Data Programme resulting in a sixth star on top of Tim Berners-Lee’s “Five stars of data”. Brewmaster at MQTT API driven brewery De Brouwtoren as well.

Session: APIs and the Semantic Web: publishing information instead of data

Dimitri about his session: “Learn the difference between data and information and get Linked Data to work by adding a sixth star – using APIs – to Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s 5-Star model for publishing information on the Semantic Web. This session includes an introduction to Linked Open Data, Linked Closed Data, JSON-LD and the 5-Star model and provides a step-by-step walk-through of a successful technical implementation with your API.”

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