Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Kamyar Mohager (LinkedIn)

kamyar-cropped-smallKamyar currently serves as Staff Engineer and Partner Engineering team lead at LinkedIn. Over the past three years, he’s helped shape LinkedIn’s developer platform offering as well as lead some of LinkedIn’s most strategic partnerships, including Apple and Samsung. Previous to LinkedIn, he built the first external APIs at MySpace and worked to get early native mobile applications on iOS, Android, and BB to integrate on the platform.

Session: Having a Pulse on Your Platform: Know When Your API is Down Before Your Developers Do

Kamyar about his session: My talk will break down the importance of monitoring and metrics for your APIs, both internally and externally in your organization. I’ll talk about the various ways in which you can measure both operationally and business-wise the health of your APIs. Lastly, I’ll showcase how we ensure “site up” with our APIs at LinkedIn and how we leverage technologies such as Apache Kafka and HDFS to make sure we have a pulse on our platform.

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