Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Karen Cohen (Wix)

Karen CohenKaren Cohen is the SDK Product Manager at Wix. She designs APIs, libraries, tools, and integration solutions for developers looking to market apps on the Wix platform. Cohen comes from a diverse technical background, having worked in multiple startups and army intelligence. She is an avid traveler and foodie.

Session: Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Karen about her session: “Once upon a time, in the quiet and peaceful land of Israel (that has never appeared on the news, not even once) a group of developers thought it would be cool to create an API. The API was loved and supported, tested and monitored, scalable and consistent, it had Swagger documentation! Best of all, it was built using a micro service architecture, it was the fairest of the land! The API was thought by management to be ripe, supple and ready for release.

But alas, when arriving at the gates with the API, we got push back from account managers and developers. It forced us to make some hard decisions and changes. We realized we did it all wrong.”

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