Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Manfred Bortenschlager & Cojan van Ballegooijen (3scale / RedHat)

Manfred BortenschlagerManfred (@ManfredBo on Twitter) is an API geek and evangelist. He blogs about topics related to APIs and curates articles about API strategy and technology for the API Magazine.

In his day job, Manfred is API Market Development Director at 3scale.net — delivering API Management solutions. His job involves educating markets about the value of APIs and about how to implement effective API management.

Cojan van BallegooijenCojan is a Senior Solution Architect for JBoss Middleware at Red Hat in the Netherlands. He has built up extensive experience in complex integration environments based on JBoss Data Virtualization and many other technologies and vendor solutions.

Session: Integrating, exposing and managing distributed data via RESTful APIs and open source

Do you have interesting, distributed data which you want to make accessible via APIs?
In this talk we will present a reference architecture of a full stack API solution. This solution covers data integration and hosting of APIs and API management to get full visibility and control.
We will show how you can quickly and easily implement a virtualization layer that allows applications to use data from multiple heterogeneous data sources. To applications, all this appears as a single source of unified data — like a virtual database. This approach allows data access and integration via REST APIs for quick and easy consumption.
After we have demonstrated how to expose the integrated data via REST APIs, we will present key aspects of API management. We will practically show how naked APIs can be secured, how to control API access, how to introduce usage policies such as rate limits per endpoints, how to provide API reporting and analytics, and how to quickly implement interactive API documentation (using Swagger).

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