Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Neil Mansilla (Runscope)

Neil MansillaNeil heads up developer relations at Runscope, an API monitoring, testing and debugging company. Formerly, Neil was with Mashery, an API management company, where he focused on developers tools and experience. He is the co-creator of I/O Docs, an open-source interactive API documentation engine.

Session: 7 Modern Tools for API Testing and Monitoring

Neil about his session: When it comes to software testing, rigorous methodologies, frameworks and tools exist for unit, integration and functional tests. But when it comes to testing RESTful web service API integrations, where the API and apps are completely independent, we typically just cross our fingers and hope for the best. However, a new generation of API testing tools are on the rise, helping architects, developers, DevOps & QA on every side of the API platform. Neil Mansilla will present the latest in API testing tools that are helping companies to deliver rock-solid, high performance APIs to their company and community.

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