Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Peter Peerdeman (Lifely)

Peter PeerdemanPeter is a creativist. He’s passionate about cutting edge technology, channeling his creativity through full-stack development, high-five team synergy, music and photography. He loves to excite and assist the world with beautiful applications and scalable solutions.

Session: DDP – the real-time API for web applications

Peter about his session: “DDP is a protocol that allows clients to register to live updates to data they are interested in. It is the next logical step when building web applications that are expected to always show real-time data and have instant user feedback.

At Lifely we’re working on a big project for a start-up that is written with MeteorJS, a full stack framework that uses the DDP protocol. I’d love to share our experiences and revelations we’ve had being freed from REST and creating reactive interfaces without reinventing our own websockets protocol.”

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