Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Stefan Hogendoorn (Qlouder)

Stefan HogendoornStefan Hogendoorn is driven by technique and has a passion for Cloud Computing. At Qlouder he is responsible for all technical aspects during projects as Chief Geek of the company.
He also coaches new developers and is the lead innovative architect. Stefan has a background in ICT for over 20 years. He has worked (amongst others) on the integration of Google Apps and the Google Cloud Platform, and developed many small and large business apps. Furthermore, he has a lot of experience with cross-disciplinary projects, both national and international. In addition he has a strong online presence and he speaks regularly at events where he shares his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm on (Google) technology with fellow developers around the whole world. As a highly creative technical entrepreneur his motto is: people are fun, but code makes more sense. Stefan is one of the two owners of Qlouder, which they founded in 2012. Qlouder currently employs some 15 people. Stefan is very proud of his strong team of passionate experts. The added value of Qlouder is taking care of and guiding the organizational changes that allow people to collaborate better, and with more fun. Last but not least, Stefan is very proud to be a Google Developer Expert for the Google Cloud Platform!

Session: Angular.js and Google Cloud Endpoints

Stefan about his session: “This session is designed to show technology enthusiasts how to rapidly build web applications using the Google Cloud Endpoints service and AngularJS. Google Cloud Endpoints are often targeted to mobile developers but offer a lot of functionality to Web(only) developers too. The first part of the presentation focusses on building a basic application creating Google Endpoints and the do’s & don’ts of building with Google Cloud Endpoints. The second part of the session focuses on exposing endpoints to your web application and integrating endpoints into your web app using Angular.”

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