Endpoint 2015 – API Developers Conference

Practical Info for Attendees

  • September 2, 2015
  • written by Ivo Jansch

On friday 200 developers will gather in Amsterdam Tuschinski for a day of learning and meeting new friends. In this post we’ll share some practical information regarding the conference.


The conference is in Pathé Tuschinski. (Google Maps Link)

If you come by car, the nearest parkings are ‘Stadhuis/Muziektheater’ and ‘Bank’. The Tuschinski Theater is about a 5 minute walk from there. Since parking in Amsterdam is expensive, we recommend using public transport instead. There are 5 direct tram lines from Amsterdam Central Station, each one takes just 6 minutes to get to the ‘Muntplein‘ stop, from where it’s a 2 minute walk to Tuschinski.

  • Tram 4 (towards Station RAI)
  • Tram 9 (towards Diemen Sniep)
  • Tram 16 (towards VU Medisch Centrum)
  • Tram 24 (towards VU Medisch Centrum)
  • Tram 25 (towards Pres. Kennedylaan)

For general public transport advice, 9292.nl is a helpful site in Dutch and English. Here’s a useful map of the Amsterdam trams.


We’ll open the doors somewhere between 8.15am and 8.30am, at which point we have 30 minutes to get everyone inside and registered. Here’s a heads-up so we can make the process as smooth as possible.

Bring your ticket, either printed or (preferably) on your phone. (We may ask for an ID to confirm it’s your ticket).

When you enter Tuschinski, there are 2 registration desks on the left and on the right.

  • On the left we have badges for everybody with a ticket and a last name that starts with A-M.
  • On the right we have badges for everybody with a ticket and a last name that starts with N-Z

After registration there’s coffee and tea.

The conference

We start at 9.00am sharp. No rush getting inside, the Tuschinki Theater is way bigger than our little conference, so you’ll have plenty of seats. The schedule is published online but all badges have the schedule printed on them for convenience. This year you can also download the Endpoint apps (for Android and iOS). There is free WiFi so you can look up talk abstracts (but it’s useful to read the abstracts before you go to the conference to plan your day).


Coffee, tea, water and juice are available throughout the conference (no charge). During breaks we also have a selection of soft drinks (no charge either). Lunch will be provided as well. During lunch the main lobby can become a little crowded, feel free to take your lunch into the lounge areas or alleys surrounding the main theatre.

Lounge area

You can hang out anywhere in the lounge or in the alleys surrounding the conference rooms. There are comfy couches to relax, and power outlets to charge your devices. WiFi is available throughout the venue, but as it goes with conference WiFi, don’t depend on it too much.

The Endpoint After Party

When the conference ends, we will head over to The 3 Sisters Pub (Google Maps Link) at rembrandt square (1 minute walk from the conference). In your badge holder you’ll find 2 free drink tickets courtesy of Buildozer. Regular beer, wine and soft drinks go for one ticket; special beers and stronger spirits go for two or more. We’ll also serve rounds of famous dutch bitterballen and other snacks. If you don’t plan to go to the after party, donate your drink tickets to other attendees or leave them with the conference staff, it would be a shame to let fine drinks go to waste :) .

You can stay at the pub until it closes if you want to; There’s a nice steakhouse next door and the Rembrandt square in general is a nice place on friday nights with pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Feedback and help

Throughout the day, if you need any help, find any of the Egeniq people (we wear recognizable shirts); we’ll be monitoring Twitter as well (follow @endpointcon on twitter for up to the minute information).

That’s all!

We hope this post gives you a heads-up of what to expect on Friday. We hope you all have at least as much fun as we had organizing the conference!

See you on Friday,

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